07 Aug 2019 - Water Temple


In collaboration with the artist and performer Ivan Thorley/London we developed a structure which is able to bear a pool in 10 meter height and can be dissassembled and transported within a short amount of time. Therefore mobility and time of the structure were the crucial aspects. With the idea of a one-joint structure made of wood we are proposing another space next to hectic urban environments. The water temple acts as a cultural bath house for diverse rituals in cleaning and relaxing and offers space for diverse light and sound performances.



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Ansicht Pool



In January 2018 i met the cambodian artist and craftsman Dy Proeung in Siem Reap by coincidence. His lively masterpiece was the creation of hand drawings of the impressive temples ANGKOR WAT and BAYON from the 12th century. I was very fortunate to be able to purchase these copies of rare hand drawings. Now that these copies are bind into two books i want to share some drawings for studying in my new 'archive of building art'.

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10 Jul 2019 - Sustainabilty






S  A  N  D

28 Feb 2019 - EDEKA supermarket Königsee

Progress on site in Königsee/Thuringia!
The construction of the new consumer supermarket EDEKA is featured by a cantilevered canopy as an entrance situation as well as by a self-supporting shopping space of 1.500 square meter (16.145 square feet) with laminated timber beams of a length of 46 meet (151 feet).

Completion scheduled for late March.

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13 Feb 2019 - Proposal Hanging Gardens / Freiberg

'Hanging Gardens' is a proposal created by Antonia Lippmann Architects to the city of
Freiberg. The last spacious vacant property of the historic city center, a former leather
factory called Nikator, has great potential to develop modern architecture. 
In August 2018 Antonia Lippmann presented the project to the Committee for Urban Planing which found positive feedback. The project proposes 70 residential units with terraces, spacious retail area in the ground floor as well as a lucrative restaurant and bar in the last storey with a grandiose view of the city center.

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20 Sep 2018 - Completion of the renovation of an Art Nouveau Villa

After 3 years of planning and building the project Weisbachstrasse finally has been completed. A new entry situation was created as well as two new apartments accessible without barriers. A colonnade is leading to the new front door. Furthermore the main focus of attention was on high quality of details that correspond to the existing building.

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WEI Perspektive Wandelgang
02 Jul 2018 - RE:Opening

We are officially reopening our office in Freiberg and are looking forward to welcome our clients soon in brand new premises.

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12 Dec 2017 - Instagram

We are now presented at Instagram.

Follow us here https://www.instagram.com/antonialippmannarchitects/

23 Nov 2016 - Antonia Lippmann Architects Launch New Brand

Antonia Lippmann Architects Launch a New Brand designed by Ben Ham.

22 Nov 2016 - Sketch Book - Antonia Lippmann Architects

A beautiful sketchbook with the AL Signature and a background pattern was created by designing a New Logo for Antonia Lippmann Architects . To purchase it just give us a brief Email.

Sketchbook AL
Design: Ben Ham
Details: DIN A4, 50 pages, Paper Munken Lynx, 80g/qm
Price: 19,90 € (incl. Porto Germany)

07 Apr 2016 - Member of the Architectural Advisory Board

Antonia Lippmann has been awarded the Title of Member of the Architectural Advisory Board for the city of Freiberg. The Architectural Advisory Board is represented by experts of diverse industries to consult the city council in terms of city development and its architectural appearance.

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15 Mar 2016 - THE FERRY GALLERIA - New design

Ferry Galleria has been redesigned and restructured to appear in its extraordinary mystical and groundbreaking form.

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09 Dec 2015 - Member of Jury - Prize for Architecture

Antonia Lippmann has been awarded the Title of Member of the Jury from the council of Freiberg, the organisation that awards the Prize for Architecture. The new established Prize for Architecture will alternate every two years  with the existing Prize for Refurbishment

Medaille I
01 Dec 2015 - Presentation to Architectural Advisory Board

On December 1st the design of a residential building at Kesselgasse was presented to the architectural advisory board of Freiberg in Saxony. The building will be situated within the oldest part of the town center at one of the last prominent and unbuilt sites. The architectural involvement requires a creative solution with an outstanding Baukunst.

26 Jun 2015 - The Ferry Galleria goes online

On thursday 25th of June THE FERRY GALLERIA goes online
with a brand new web site.


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07 May 2015 - Phase 9

We offer specific documentation work of phase 9 for grand projects such as the International Airport Berlin/Brandenburg. Currently we are working together with building companies associated with the airport.

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BER Flughafen Berlin 1